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Methods & tips

Preparing your zest
Waste can be an issue when preparing cocktails so one way to minimise this is to take your fresh zest from your fruit before you juice it.
Top Tip #1
This means that the need to use more than the fruit required is reduced and waste eliminated.
Vermouth storage
When preparing classics that require vermouth like a dry martini or manhattan, always store the vermouth in the refrigerator with a secure cap to keep it as fresh as possible.
Top Tip #2
If it is stored on the back bar with a pourer in, as many bars do, it will oxidise and go bad just like wine.
Adding your zest
When using freshly squeezed citrus juice in a Punch or Sour, particularly lemon, lime and grapefruit juice, add a little of its zest (about a teaspoon) using a micro plane grater.
Top Tip #3
Mix well with a little castor sugar , this will give your drink a nice sherberty zing!
Cocktails @ home
Always approach it the same way you would if you were making a meal.

1. Read the recipe carefully and check the method to make sure you have the right equipment

Top Tip #4

2. Lay out all your ingredients so you can see them all

3. Practice first! It will make you look like a professional!

4. Smile and have fun and drink responsibly!

Never over-shake
When shaking a drink make sure you shake it for 10-15 seconds...
Top Tip #5
...don't rock it to sleep.
Easy Press and Twist
When muddling always use a smooth easy press-and-twist action to maintain integrity of the ingredients...
Top Tip #6
...and to avoid excessive splashing and spillage.
Use crushed ice
Always use crushed ice NOT cubed ice...
Top Tip #7
...when using a blender.
Stir Briskly
If stirring, place the bar spoon down the side of the glass...
Top Tip #8
...stir briskly and stylishly for 20-25 seconds.
Roll your limes
Roll your limes before cutting...
Top Tip #9 get more juice from them.